We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 CBORD® Excellence Awards. The awards honor two organizations and one individual in three categories based on innovative applications of CBORD systems and service to the CBORD community. Our 2017 award winners will be honored at the Excellence Awards Dinner on Monday, October 23 during CBORD’s 38th annual User Group Conference.

The winner of the One CBORD Award, celebrating an organization that strategically integrates CBORD and industry adjacent systems to support the overall mission of their organization, is:

Indiana University
Indiana University is a long-time CBORD customer with housing, access, card, and foodservice systems deployed across their eight campuses. In 2016 a cross-functional team began work to consolidate the campuses into one enterprise-wide card system: the CrimsonCard. It was a huge undertaking, yet given their strong IT resources and leadership they accomplished the main objective, rolling out the new card to the IU community last April. Work continues to unite IU systems and when it’s completed, the university will fulfill its goals of saving money, improving safety, and offering a more consistent experience at all IU campuses.

The winner of the Visionary Award, recognizing an organization that is a pioneer in developing creative applications for CBORD technology within their organization, is:

Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region
Sutter Health had been operating with a non-select menu, which unfortunately produced too much plate waste. Foodservice leaders realized they had an opportunity to see significant cost savings, and provide patients with a better experience, if they could reduce this waste. They implemented bedside meal ordering using the Menu Select functionality of Room Service Choice, printing tickets in batches for the tray line. After more than 6 months developing and coding a completely new selective menu, Sutter saved over $150,000 in annual food costs in the first year.

The winner of the Above & Beyond Award, an individual who has demonstrated a willingness to evaluate and provide user-led feedback on new products and technology and has been a valuable resource by sharing their unique knowledge, experience, and results with the user community, is:

Marcelinda Nickols, Food Program Manager, Kaiser Permanente
Marcelinda was there when the first CBORD system was installed at Kaiser, when it was a DOS system running on a single server under someone’s desk! Since then, she has taken a leadership role in promoting operational excellence across the entire Kaiser network. Realizing a need for multiple sites sharing the same master database to offer different menu items, without confusing patients by displaying items they couldn’t order, Marcelinda developed a meal food list filter to make it easy for staff in each hospital to designate the menu items they want to serve. Employing Room Service Choice® and Concero®, now patients only see food they can actually order.

On behalf of CBORD, we congratulate our esteemed winners! These organizations represent the excellence we strive to achieve, chosen from an impressive group of nominees, and we are proud to be associated with their successes.












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