4 Ways to Delight Residents While Managing Costs

4 Ways to Delight Residents While Managing Costs

Today’s seniors have choices when it comes to retirement communities. Seniors want flexible lifestyle options. The ability to offer residents an improved lifestyle while managing your costs are key to obtaining a competitive edge. There are four key areas to accomplish this.

Menu Management

Food quality, compliance, and choice are vital to delighting residents and important to running a cost-efficient operation. residents at different stages on the continuum of care have different dining needs and desires, and your system must be capable of providing exceptional service to everyone. Implementing menu management software helps you to manage menus, forecast, and control inventory to serve the right food in the right amounts.

Controlling Food Waste

Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill, enough to fill 9,000 Olympic sizes swimming pools.1 Food waste is costly. Providing tasty, nutritious food your residents want, while managing your food recipes and inventories helps keep budgets under control.

Managing Vendor/Food Costs

Vendor relationships are important. Food is a major cost item and if not managed properly can quickly get out of control. Technology can help you manage food from truck to fork through integration with vendor catalogues, eliminating manual processes, freeing up staff to be more productive, and put you in control of your costs. Knowing and managing ingredients, products, and vendor items help you accomplish this.

Malnutrition Management

Food is, and always has been, medicine. Promoting resident health and wellness is our shared goal. Your organisation must be able to meet the demands of your residents. CBORD solutions manage the complete dining process from meal selection to meal service—while providing nutritional insight for dietitians and medical staff; and lean workflow tools to identify and address malnutrition.

CBORD delivers a fully integrated resident lifestyle management solution designed specifically for today’s Aged Care industry.

Whether we are working with a small resident nursing facility, or a multi-site aged care organisation serving thousands of residents, our team brings knowledge and expertise gained form one-on-one contact with the people using our systems every day.

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