CBORD and Washlava Revolutionize the Student Laundry Experience

CBORD partners with Washlava to provide a modern laundry experience and more convenience for students in on-campus housing

ITHACA, N.Y. —CBORD®, a leading provider of technology solutions for colleges and universities that improve the student experience, and Washlava, the technology company modernizing self-service laundry through its mobile application, announce their partnership and the integration of Washlava with CBORD’s campus card systems.

A commitment to innovation makes the CBORD and Washlava partnership a natural fit. CBORD helps colleges and universities deliver a better on-campus housing experience, while Washlava saves users time, making laundry day more convenient and fun.

Washlava seamlessly integrates with CBORD’s student card systems and mobile applications, allowing students to reserve machines and pay for laundry right from their smartphones. Notifications in Washlava’s native iOS and Android apps alert students when cycles are complete, reducing the traditional hassles of shared laundry facilities. Universities benefit through an upgraded campus laundry amenity, additional revenue opportunities, and access to the Washlava DRIVE portal which provides visibility into real-time revenue data and machine statuses, and enables instant and automated price changes.

“We are passionate about using technology to help our customers improve the student experience,” comments Jeff Wood, CBORD’s vice president of marketing and product. “This partnership is a perfect example of developing an innovative solution to solve a common and long-standing headache on college campuses.”

Another unprecedented feature is live, 24/7 multi-channel support (phone, email, and text) for students and staff provided by Washlava’s Washsquad. The Washsquad support team monitors system statuses and can reset machines remotely. Automatic and seamless refunds can be made directly to the student if any problems are encountered.

“CBORD and Washlava are both intensely focused on providing seamless everyday experiences to their users, making a partnership a natural choice,” explains Todd Belveal, Washlava founder and CEO. “Student laundry has been an inconvenient chore for far too long and is overdue for an upgrade. We are here to fix that.”

To find out more about the CBORD and Washlava partnership, contact sales@cbord.com.

CBORD powers technology solutions for higher education, healthcare, senior living, and business campuses enabling users to create optimal experiences for their students, patients, employees, and residents. Guided by customer-centric development and support, CBORD has pioneered software for dining operations, nutrition analysis, security, card systems, and housing for over forty years.

To learn more about CBORD’s solutions for colleges and universities, please visit CBORD’s website: www.cbord.com/higher-education.

About Washlava
Washlava is the laundry experience that lets customers reserve and pay for machines from their smartphones. Washlava is transforming the self-service laundry industry through its patent-pending, smartphone-enabled technology platform and digital brand by creating a connected, convenient laundry experience for businesses and their customers. The company was founded by Todd Belveal, who previously co-founded the Austin-based, mobile-enabled car rental company, Silvercar (now owned by Audi).

To learn more about Washlava’s patent-pending laundry solutions, please visit the Washlava website: www.washlava.com/campus.












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