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Our industry leading consulting team can provide expert advice and guidance to improve your organisational outcomes, achieve KPIs, and deliver innovative, sustainable, and evidence-based solutions.

Demonstrated healthcare foodservice and nutrition outcomes:


96-98% patient satisfaction1-4

100% staff satisfaction7

Safety & quality

>60% improved efficiencies/optimised resources7

95% malnutrition identification, diagnosis and coding7


26%-47% increased dietary intake (protein) 2-5


15-28% reduced costs1-3,5

25% reduced plate waste
(to 8-17%)1-3

$1.5M malnutrition revenue opportunity

The CBORD Solution:

CBORD consulting comprises of dietetic, foodservice and IT professionals with strategic, operational and research experience in public, private, and not-for-profit health and aged care organisations. CBORD has been working with customers since 1994 to deliver successful, innovative, and sustainable healthcare solutions, streamlining systems across organisations, whilst maintaining site flexibility and uniqueness. 

With a comprehensive understanding of the key issues facing healthcare, including accreditation and legislative requirements, our consulting team works collaboratively with you to deliver customised foodservice and nutrition consulting expertise in the following areas:

  • Wellness checks – maturity model assessment to determine current efficiency and automation, identifying areas for improvement
  • Foodservice model – concept design, service re-design, planning and delivery
  • Room Service – feasibility assessments, pilots, model planning and implementations
  • Foodservice operations – strategy and vision, workflow re-design, menu design and analysis, menu review
  • Malnutrition management
  • Data analytics
  • Project and change management
Aussie Consulting Team


We work with you to improve your operations and develop the optimal food and nutrition service model to achieve your business goals.

What is CBORD Consulting? How does it differ from other consultants?

What is CBORD Consulting? How does it differ from other consultants?

Are you keen to enhance your patient’s care and experience, improve nutrition, improve staff experience, create a unique advantage over your competitors, deliver additional revenue, reduce food waste and operating costs? Meet Carmel Lazarus and Kirsty Maunder who bring their unique experience and expertise to guide your healthcare food services and nutrition teams to deliver innovative and evidence-based solutions.

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Room Service Research Report

Room Service Research Report

This study aimed to demonstrate the effectiveness and feasibility of the Room Service model by measuring dietary intake, food waste, food costs, patient satisfaction, and staff satisfaction.

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Room Service Planning

Room Service Planning

CBORD offers consulting services to guide you in the design and implementation of room service in your organisation. We...

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Wellness Check

Wellness Check

Our CBORD Consulting team can provide a food and nutrition system wellness or diagnostic check to assess where your...

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