CBORD Card System Launch Focuses on Health, Safety on College Campuses

Latest CS Gold release provides technology helpful for transition to a post COVID-19 campus

ITHACA, N.Y. – CBORD®, a leading provider of technology solutions for education, healthcare, senior living and business campuses, announced the launch of CS Gold 8, its latest card and access solution for higher education.

Available now, version 8 of the popular CS Gold® campus one-card system provides flexibility and customization options translate to a tailored solution for any size institution and a full range of conditions.
An unprecedented spring semester identified mission-critical needs within the field of higher education. CS Gold’s emphasis on campus health and safety seamlessly facilitates these transitions colleges and universities are facing.

As higher education leaders prepare to reopen campuses, CS Gold offers solutions to limit interpersonal contact, manage capacity, track access, restrict exposure and more, to ensure a healthy, safe return this fall.

“The landscape of higher education has been impacted greatly by COVID-19,” stated Read Winkelman, vice president of sales for CBORD and Horizon Software. “Colleges and universities must create safe environments to protect the health of their campus communities, and new features within CS Gold will allow them to do just that.”

CS Gold 8 delivers timely new functionality, including:

  • Full, secure mobile credentials
  • Contactless and biometric technology
  • Mobile student photo uploads and card issuance
  • On-premise or cloud-hosted options

For over a decade, CBORD has led the way in digitized campus identification solutions; a feature more important now than ever before.

“Campus credentials are moving beyond your traditional plastic ID card. The future is not a campus card system, but an identity system,” explained Dave Beckwith, CBORD product manager. “CS Gold 8 is designed for a connected and contactless – and thus healthier – campus, with support for the latest mobile credential and biometric technology.”

Students can move effortlessly through campus while easing the burden of system management for staff. Access control, security, dining, attendance, and everything in-between – CS Gold makes it easy.

“With the release of CS Gold 8, the future is now,” added Beckwith.

Learn more about CS Gold 8.


CBORD is the world’s leading provider of campus card and cashless systems, food and nutrition service management software, integrated security solutions, and commerce platforms for higher education, K-12, healthcare, senior living, and business campuses. Guided by customer-centric development and support, CBORD solutions are used by more than 7,000 organizations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Australia.

CBORD operates as a unit of Roper Technologies (ROP), a diversified technology company with annual revenues of $5.4 billion. Roper operates businesses that design and develop software and engineered products and solutions for a variety of niche end markets. Roper is a component of the S&P 500, Fortune 1000, and Russell 1000 Indexes.












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