Get to Know CS Gold 8: Webinar Questions Answered

Webinar Questions and Answers

CS Gold 8 has arrived! We recently hosted a webinar introducing new features and functionalities in the newly released revision of CS Gold.

We couldn’t get to all of your questions during the webinar, so here are answers provided by our product and development teams.

Can you explain the significance of REST APIs for customers?

The REST APIs will provide our customers with a way to interact more easily with Gold and Gold/Oracle objects without needing direct access to the database. It is a useful tool for schools looking to have access to Gold using their home-grown apps (tablet/desktop). Mobile apps can’t use the APIs yet, but that we are planning this for a future release.

The APIs do not require SQL knowledge. For example, users can query the database to see location data, but no query is necessary with the API. It’s a single API call from within WebManager, which is particularly helpful for hosted schools since database access may be limited.

The CS Gold development team is creating new REST APIs with each new page, including locations, code mapping, and SVC to start. We will continue to add more as we convert Gold GUI to web pages.

Another use-case example is that if a customer needs to delete 1,000 locations, they can do that with a single API call. Also, the batch queue could use the APIs. APIs will add significant functionality to Web Rules.

Additionally, we have also added robust security to the APIs.

What is the replacement version of the EVO?

The VertX EVO is a hardware platform that is now almost ten years old. While the Squadron VertX EVO continues to serve us quite well, a time will come when this hardware will be retired. With that in mind, CBORD is engaged with the HID and Mercury Security teams to create a path forward that best meets the requirements of our customers. We are still selling and will continue supporting the Squadron V1000 EVO for years to come. Even though CBORD has added support for the Mercury control panels in CS Gold 8, customers that are happy with the Squadron VertX series of controllers can still purchase the V1000 EVO. HID has made no end-of-life announcement, but we are prepared for the time when it happens. Mercury is the clear industry leader for controllers. Technology partners include our crucial hardware partners:

  • Allegion
  • HID Global

With direction from Mercury, CBORD supports the LP Series product line:

  • Modern (released in 2018)
  • First Linux-based Mercury controller
  • Improved security, including OSDP

We may choose to add support for the EP series product line subsequently. We will be looking for test partners.

Does Mercury make a panel in the V1000 layout? It would be a lot less rewiring. The LP4502 controller has added support for HID V1000.

Do you know if there are any features currently available in Squadron that won’t be available in Mercury panels? There are more features in the Mercury LP Series controllers than Squadron supports presently.

Does Zone Emergency Lockdown feature a “lock the doors” option for shelter in place versus an emergency mode lock-out? Yes, there is an option to lock the doors if you do not select the “Emergency” option at the time of lockdown.

Lockdown CS Gold 8

Is there anticipated support for Genetic like you have with Avigilon? Not at this time, but we will continue to consider integrations with other VMS providers.

Would the ASSA ABLOY DSRs also go to the cloud? CBORD does not see any restrictions with DSRs being in the cloud. They are predominantly used to download access data to locks and upload transactions to CS Gold. There is a possibility of a slight delay in downloading data to the locks, but this would be no different from having the DSR on-premise communicating with a TPS in the cloud.

With the cloud version, will we have access to the database through a third-party tool like Cognos? Yes, since CBORD is hosting CS Gold in the cloud using your Oracle license, there are no restrictions for access to your database.

Will the upgrades on the cloud (version upgrades, third-party upgrades, etc.) be scheduled? Yes, these upgrades will be scheduled.

When will pricing be available? Pricing is available now. Please contact our sales team for an upgrade quote.

When moving to the cloud, is there any emergency plan in place if your ingress/egress point goes down on campus and cannot communicate with cloud services? If connectivity to the cloud is lost, it would be the same as if it happened on-premise if your campus network connectivity to their readers were to go down (i.e. readers will continue to work offline until host connectivity is restored). On the positive side, the AWS cloud network is reliable with high availability, fault tolerance, and durability in mind. Total loss of network connectivity is always possible, but the resilience of the cloud infrastructure makes this improbable.

When can we go to the cloud? CS Gold 8 is available now!

If we have customizations in WebManager and we opt out of the cloud solution, can we keep the customizations? Of course! The cloud version of CS Gold 8 is entirely optional.

If we go with the cloud solution, what will be the downtime to migrate from our current on-premise solution? Plan on two days of downtime.

How does connectivity to campus occur with the cloud version? Connectivity occurs through a redundant ISP connection that is provided by the customer.

How do cloud costs compare with on-premise costs (both implementation and ongoing)? Please contact your account representative for pricing information.

Is the cloud version of CS Gold 8 an option for customers who are using other integrated systems? Yes, CS Gold 8 in the cloud is an option for customers using integrated systems.

What happens if we’re using the cloud version and the internet goes down? Although we have a backup internet circuit, is there is a single-point failure? We would want to know what to expect.

If connectivity to the cloud is lost, things would not vary greatly from what would happen today if campus network connectivity to your readers were to go down (i.e. readers will continue to work offline until host connectivity is restored).

Could you implement cloud and on-premise? That is not currently a supported option.

When will the release notes be posted so we can read the details about what has changed within Gold 8?  The release notes are available here!

What are the underlying database changes in CS Gold 8 vs CS Gold 7? For example, what, if any, tables are altered? We have several third-party systems currently integrated with CS Gold, and I need to know if those interfaces need to be updated. The most significant change for customers is our move to Oracle 19c. Some tables have changed to support things like Apple/Android mobile credentials and other new features. All changes will be tested for using backward compatibility, and current integrations will work.

What platforms will CS Gold 8 support? It will support Windows 2019, Oracle 19c, and Crystal Reports 2016.

If we’re running Gold 7, is the upgrade an additional cost, or is it included? Upgrading from CS Gold 7 to CS Gold 8 will be an additional cost. Please contact your account manager for a quote.

Will CBORD offer remote installation of CS Gold 8? Yes!

For institutions that recently upgraded within the last six months to CS Gold 7, what program and options were used to move to CS Gold 8? In terms of cost, will these institutions see cost savings implementing Gold 8? Standard upgrade and implementation fees apply.












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