Offer healthier dining options to your campus community

Physical distancing in dining will be part of the new norm on higher education campuses moving forward. As you look to reopen, measures need to be put in place to ensure the campus community stays healthy and safe.

Offer Dine-in Reservations for On Campus Locations

On June 3, we hosted a webinar introducing the idea of using GET CBORD Student as a reservation system for dine-in service on campus. These ideas can be used with other systems, but here are ways to configure meal and cleaning times using CBORD technology.

Meal period blocks allow dining reservations to be made for a set amount of time. For example, meal periods can start at the top of each hour and last 45 minutes. Reservations are allowed for a limited number of spots, depending on the size and needs of that specific location. When the period ends, the dining venue is completely emptied for 15 minutes to conduct a thorough cleaning. The next period starts at the top of the hour, and the process repeats.

Meal period zones stagger reservation and cleaning times to allow dining centers to remain open during a busy rush. Your dining hall can be divided into different zoned areas and start times for meal periods spaced out. Here’s how it works:

You divide your seating area into four physical zones. The Orange Zone starts lunch at 11 a.m. Reservations can be made for the 45-minute session, with sanitation of that zone the remaining 15 minutes of the hour. The Green Zone begins seating at 11:15 a.m. with a 45-minute lunch and 15-minute cleaning. The Blue and Red Zones l follow the same process and timing as the ones before. The cycle repeats itself as needed. (View diagram.)

Walk-in reservations can be accepted for the first 14 minutes of any zone’s period. Zones can be named after school mascots or colors, and customers receive notice or marker when they arrive, indicating their assigned zone.

Accommodate More Customers with Order Pickup or Delivery

If reservations don’t allow you to feed as many students at one time as you need to, campus dining programs can offer online ordering for takeout or delivery. For on-campus service, dining or pickup venues can be set up in GET CBORD Student offering a limited or full menu. Customers place orders for a 15-minute block for either service, and you can configure pickup locations or delivery radius to fit your specific campus needs.

We’ve also expanded our commerce partnerships to welcome even more options for your campus community. Add over 300,000 nationwide merchants to your off-campus program with Grubhub. Campus card holders can order and pay for food for pickup and delivery in the Grubhub app, no matter where they are in the U.S. This program is run through our UGryd platform. There’s no cost to implement this solution, and you’ll earn commissions on each transaction.

Students can also benefit from a free Grubhub+ membership, which includes free delivery from most restaurant partners. Customers earn $10 back for each $100 spent, and have access to the Elite Care team for real-time support.

Create Outdoor Dining Spaces

A new partnership with TwentyTables offers affordable dining choices to college communities while also helping neighbors in need. Campus card holders buy packs of e-tickets to be used at participating food trucks and local restaurants. Food vendors offer two meal choices for both lunch and dinner, and customers redeem one e-ticket per meal. For each five-ticket meal pack sold, TwentyTables makes a monetary donation to a local food charity.

Their award-winning platform and technology easily integrate with GET CBORD Student and UGryd to provide unmatched value to your campus community. Paired with a unique ability to mobilize food trucks near campus, the program creates a safe, physically-distanced, alfresco dining area.

Quickly Deploy Dining Reservations with Implementation Services

We know time is of the essence. To help you put these solutions into practice quickly, CBORD Implementation Services is offering a low-cost package to customize dining reservations for you. You must have the GET platform and GET Food, and once confirmed, our team can set up the option that best fits your needs. You’ll provide the schedules and patron payment information, such as stored value/points or meals. We will help you set up blocks of time for up to five venues in GET and your reservation menu. We’ll also show you how to set up additional periods.

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