How to Safely Reopen Your Hospital Retail Operation

Since June, the United States continues to see a resurgence of COVID-19 cases. According to a report in the New York Times, the infection rates have risen in 42 states over the span of two weeks, and states that were once in latter stages of their reopening phases have since scaled back to ensure the safety and health of their residents. It’s apparent that COVID-19 has affected different regions of the country at different times. While some states are seeing an increase in cases causing rollbacks in protocols, there are also states who are now seeing a decrease or holding steady on infection rates.

If your hospital is in a region that is ready to safely reopen its retail operation, and visitor restrictions are still loosened, find out what tools you can implement to help ensure the safety of your patients, staff, and visitors.

Go Touchless

Since the CDC recommends limiting close contact with others, consider implementing touchless payment options, which are ideal for decreasing cash and credit card handling and help to minimize passing germs between patients, staff, and guests.

Take the First Step with Mobile Technology 

Has your hospital considered using employee ID badges as a form of payment? If not, perhaps it’s time to consider the benefits and safety ramifications this could bring to your campus or single-site location. From contactless smart cards to the CBORD GET mobile app, these features and functionalities help re-enforce and support social distancing in your retail areas, both on and off campus.

Safety Measures in Retail Settings

Consider incorporating the below safety measures to support social distancing and hygienic solutions at your site location or across your health system in your dining areas.

  • Transform your café configurations to improve traffic flow and cafeteria setup
  • Institute manned food serving stations
  • Clean and sanitize point-of-sale equipment regularly
  • Get creative with space! Create open-air settings for dining alternatives.

Expand Meal Ordering Capabilities

Have you considered online meal ordering for takeout or delivery in your dining areas? If not, this is an excellent opportunity to start. While it can be difficult to limit personal interactions in a hospital setting, taking the necessary precautions to limit exposure is our responsibility. With mobile meal ordering, you reduce person-to-person interaction and the number of patrons in the café who may have to wait in line during mealtime.

As you continue to revamp your processes to ensure staff, patient, and guest safety during the the eb and flow of the COVID-19 pandemic, having access to the right tools, at the right time, can better prepare your hospital as you develop a retail reopen strategy. Preparation and access to the right resources are key to your success and can make the difference between your health system and the next health system’s dining plan. Learn more about the resources available to keep you informed on properly reopening retail.

Access the webinar, “Social Distancing in Dining: The New Normal in Healthcare, to learn more about the tools and creative solutions you can implement that better protect patients and staff during COVID-19.

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