Simplify Student Life

Your institution works hard to provide a variety of services on campus but accessing these services can often become a hassle. Simplify the process with one mobile app. 

If students are flipping between several apps – one to pay for a meal, one to log attendance, one to access their dorm – things get complicated and frustrating.

GET streamlines student engagement with campus services and expands the reach of your campus card program. For any card and account-related activity, students simply open the GET app on their Android or iOS device, scan the barcode, and go.

Account Management: Give your students mobile and online access to their campus card account to view balances, add money, change a meal plan, view transaction history, and so much more.

Mobile Credential: Navigate campus effortlessly with a digital ID. Just open the mobile app and use it like a physical card. You can even provision mobile credentials through Apple Wallet and GET. Digital IDs provide easy, secure identification and instant access to student funds.

Mobile Payment: Students can access campus card funds with the app to purchase food and services both on and off campus. GET integrates directly with your CBORD campus card solution so third-party and off-campus providers can offer customers a more convenient payment method.

Mobile Food Ordering: GET makes online and mobile food ordering simple. Students open the app to browse restaurants and menus, order, and pay using campus card funds or a credit card.


Rewards: Campus rewards programs are a win-win. Use GET to customize a program that incentivizes student engagement and drives retail purchases. Choose automated rewards like discounts and deposits or redeemable rewards for promotional items.

Expand Beyond Campus
Your students are going to eat off campus anyway, so why not benefit from their purchases? Allow merchants and retailers outside your campus borders to accept student ID cards as a form of payment.

UGryd creates a new revenue stream by taking a cut of every purchase made at partner merchant locations. Foster stronger town and gown relationships by including restaurants and retail shops in your campus card program. Students are happier and more satisfied when they have more options for dining and retail. 

You can extend UGryd to include your vending machines. Serve remote locations with ease and accept credit, debit, and campus cards. We work with a long list of cellular vending readers and self-service partners—even the latest in robot delivery.

Your Success is Our Success 
The GET marketing team provides tips on promoting the app to students and a marketing toolkit complete with customizable materials that are updated regularly. 


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CBORD partners with companies like Apple, Grubhub, Starship, Washlava, and Panera to offer greater flexibility and extend the reach of your campus card program. Complete our brief form to learn more today.

How We Help Throughout Campus

Card and Credentials

Cards & Credentials

Campus IDs and credentials are at the center of college life. They serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Accelerate your card program with on-premise and cloud-based options.

Access and Security

Access & Security

Physical safety is top of mind for everyone on campus. Enable your security staff to control and monitor who has access to buildings at which times, automatically grant or revoke privileges, and remotely lock down buildings during an emergency.



Manage all aspects of residence life with smart tools and the latest technology. With automatic room assignments, student self-service, and automated check-in, you can redefine the way you manage housing and how students experience your program.

Retail and Point of Sale

Retail & Point of Sale

Whether you have one or multiple dining venues and retail locations, streamline and modernize your point-of-sale processes with the latest in hardware and software. Offer online ordering and healthy payment options that support social distancing.



Simplify student life with one mobile app that streamlines student engagement with campus services and expands the reach of your campus card program. For any card and account-related activity, students simply open the GET app, scan the barcode, and go.



Operate a lean foodservice program with an integrated, leading-edge technology solution. Use smart tools from CBORD for menu planning, food production, and continuous evaluation to maintain a strong dining program in the new normal.












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