Provide a Safe Community for Your Residents

In a senior living community, security and access control present unique challenges. Use one cohesive system to get a complete view of your security operations, allowing you to monitor and manage all access, privileges, and transactions in real-time.

Contactless, Comprehensive One-Card Solution
Your staff and residents can simply use an app or native wallet technology on their smartphone just like an actual card for access, spending, attendance tracking, and other secure transactions across your community.

 Whether interacting with parking gates, turnstiles, doors, elevators, or any other access point, your residents and staff will move throughout campus with ease and safety.

Room Maintenance Visibility
 Maintenance workers are given temporary keyless access to resident rooms when a resident requests service or repairs. The access expires when the work is done, and the resident is notified when the work is happening and when it is complete.

Video Surveillance
 View actionable video from a site-wide integrated camera network.

Alarm Management
 Notify specified contacts of alarm conditions via email, text, or phone.


    Leading-Edge Security Technology
    CBORD is here to help you design a complete security solution that modernizes your on-campus access with a wide range of online or offline and wired or wireless locks, plus a variety of readers including the latest in biometrics.

    • Real-time control of doors and privileges
    • Mobile convenience to open doors and enable master key privileges with an app
    • Staff and residents use one card or mobile credential for access, purchasing, activities, etc.
    • Single platform to manage security and card solutions
    • Instant lockdown capabilities for entire campus, single buildings, group of buildings
    • Universal solution for managing access to doors, parking gates, turnstiles, elevators, and more
    • Video surveillance and alarm monitoring

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