Transform Patient Meal Ordering with CBORD Patient App

Hospitals are increasingly investing in modernizing their foodservice operations. Beyond an effort to streamline processes, drive down costs and eliminate inefficiencies, they are also looking for ways to improve quality of care, patient satisfaction, and a solution that limits interactions between staff and patients during COVID-19.

Hospitals on the leading edge are leveraging technology to provide an optimised patient experience through meal-ordering software.

When hospitals choose to implement patient meal ordering software, it not only provides patients with the ability to choose from diet-specific menus but can improve staff productivity and further promote increased patient satisfaction and social distancing.

Find out some additional benefits of personalised meal ordering solutions below.

Flexible Order Options

Providing patients various options, whether bedside meal ordering with a traditional tray line or call center ordering for on-demand hotel-style room service, gives your patients the ability to choose and helps them feel empowered.

Pro Tip: How to Take Your Patient Meal Ordering to the Next Level

Consider implementing a meal ordering system that allows patients to order through their own mobile app or through a hospital-provided device. This solution makes meal ordering easy with personalised, diet-specific menus and flexible meal delivery times for each patient all at the touch of a button.

Reduction in Errors

Moving away from manual processes and using technology can help decrease diet order errors as solutions should have diet-specific information tied to each patient.

Pro Tip: How to Take Your Patient Meal Ordering to the Next Level

Implementing a patient meal ordering app means that when your patient orders a meal, specific built-in features display menus that only contain items meeting their specific diet and health needs.

Improves Call Center Volume

If your call center is heavily laden with numerous patient calls and is struggling to keep pace, or perhaps patients are experiencing prolonged wait times, patient meal-ordering software can help decrease call center volume.

Pro Tip: How to Take Your Patient Meal Ordering to the Next Level

Implementing a patient meal ordering app means patients order when they want on their own mobile devices without waiting for bedside assistance or holding during peak call center times. This frees up your call backlog and allows bedside staff to focus on additional patient-focused tasks.

If your hospital isn’t providing its patients with specific, self-service meal ordering options, that is helping promote social distancing, perhaps it is time to consider the benefits of expanding to include a modernised, personalised meal ordering experience for your patients.

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