Webinar Questions and Answers

GET CBORD Student is undergoing a major overhaul. We recently hosted a webinar debuting the new design of the mobile application and discussing  new features and functionalities that will be rolled out this year.

We couldn’t get to all of your questions during the webinar, so here are answers provided by Rob Wakelee.

When will these enhancements be made available for Odyssey customers?
The redesign is made across all of GET CBORD Student, so both cashless customers see the changes.

Will the new web version meet Web Content Accessibility Guidelines? WCAG 2.0?
Accessibility and ADA compliance is a focus for the redesign. We will have a VPAT v2.1 reassessment done at the early part of next year when the entire application is migrated to the new look and feel.

When will these changes be rolled out?
Piecemealed with each next release, one screen at a time through the end of the year.

Do students have to uninstall and reinstall the app to see the new features?
No, they will just need to update GET CBORD Student in the corresponding app stores to see the changes as they roll out.

If a client wants to update their instance of GET CBORD Student to enable the mobile access piece, what’s the process to do that?
To utilize mobile access in GCS, the platform licensing needs to be in place vs the previous modular licensing (GET Funds, Food, etc). There may be a change to your annual license fee, which you can have quoted by your account manager. Then, the feature is turned on by contacting CBORD Support.

In Mobile ID, we limit users to only being able to use one phone. Is that true with this new version of GET?
Limitations for Mobile ID will match to GET CBORD Student if they can use the barcode. However, there is no limitation for the number of devices the user has authenticated against in GCS. This is due to the need to allow the user to use the website, tablet, etc. in addition to their phone.

What is the BLE limitation with mobile access exactly? Can we use it for NDE locks, meaning server side like other doors?
Bluetooth enabled locks are not supported with mobile access today and requires the use of Mobile ID. This will be added in a later date.

What is the timeline on mobile access being completed? Currently, it’s pretty close, but we can’t see locations that have been swiped, even when we swipe down to update.
Mobile access has been live for more than a year with multiple schools. Assistance here can be provided by the CBORD support team as to why the locations are not showing.

Can you open doors from the web portal?
We are looking to support this with the website redesign, which is slated for release early next year.

Can a patron see what meal plan they are on in the app?
If the change meal plan screen is selected, the user is shown their current plan before changing. It is not shown currently on the accounts page.

How does the ordering functionality work with MICROS?
GET CBORD Student supports the same order posting to MICROS via the MICROS Transaction Services API on the backend. The front-end UI/UX changes do not include any changes for this supported integration.

Will this accept multiple MIDs?
This will be announced later this summer in an upcoming e-blast on credit card processing changes. Stay tuned for more information.

Can we customize what patrons see when they login? For example, if we don’t use Rewards or Ordering can we choose those not to be shown?
Yes, only features that are turned on will show to users when using the application.

Do custom links show in the native device app, in addition to the website?
Yes, that is an improvement with the redesign to incorporate modified content strings into the native apps.

We’ll post additional questions and answers as we have time, so please come back and visit our blog post.

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