Room Service Planning

CBORD offers consulting services to guide you in the design and implementation of room service in your organisation. We provide advice and support in the change management associated with the transition to a room service model, engaging with clinicians, food service, and other healthcare staff to achieve a sustainable model. Our  experience is based in the Australian and New Zealand health care sector in all aspects of room service planning and execution, including workforce, clinical workflows, and menu design. 

What is room service?

Patients order to appetite from an a la carte restaurant-style menu, placing their meal order via a call centre, an app on their own device, or hospital patient engagement system. The meals are prepared to order and delivered within 45 minutes. There are no set mealtimes and diets are managed during the ordering process using CBORD’s food and nutrition software.

Why implement room service?

Sites implementing room service report significant improvements in patient satisfaction and nutritional intake with a reduction in food wastage and food service costs. Research in public and private healthcare facilities support these findings:

1. Room Service Improves Nutritional Intake and Increases Patient Satisfaction While Decreasing Food Waste and Cost. Sally McCray, Kirsty Maunder, Renee Krikowa, Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2017;118:284-93,

2. Room service in a public hospital improves nutritional intake and increases patient satisfaction while decreasing food waste and cost. Sally McCray, Kirsty Maunder, Laura Barsha, Kristen MacKenzie-Shalders. J Hum Nutr Diet. 2018,

We will work with you to successfully develop, plan and implement room service to deliver improved patient satisfaction, reduced waste and reduced costs

How can we help?

We provide a packaged solution of room service planning and implementation services with the technology to support an efficient room service model, including CBORD Patient, Tray Logistics, and Mobile Intake.

CBORD consulting can help you in numerous ways depending on your needs, whether it be conducting a room service feasibility study to inform your business case and help to get room service over the line, room service expertise for the  design, set up and implement room service as a pilot for your entire hospital or select wards only,  provide go-live resourcing and evaluation post go live to ensure your benefits are realised and sustained.

We have recent planning and implementation experience, developing systems and processes that suit our local environment, ensuring a cost effective and sustainable model.

Our database services team comprising Dietitians and Chefs, can provide a turnkey NetMenu room service solution. The menu and software configuration is built by the team in collaboration with your organisational goals. This turnkey solution can reduce implementation time and internal resource costs.

Room Service sites using CBORD solutions include: Queensland Health’s Prince Charles Hospital, The Mater Hospital North Sydney, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Toowoomba, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Northside, St Vincent’s Private Hospital Fitzroy maternity, The Mercy Otago, Mater Brisbane and Mater Springfield. 

Start with a Feasibility Study

Our CBORD team will provide consulting expertise to review your current food service operations and determine your site’s suitability and readiness for transitioning to a room service model. This includes detailed information to support your business case, such as: projected savings, kitchen concept design, labour requirements, equipment scoping, technology readiness, software and training needs, go live support and project management implementation costs.


Room service pilot or trial on a ward

Alternatively you can run a room service pilot. We will conduct a gap analysis and provide expertise in the design, implementation and evaluation of your room service pilot on select wards within your organisation and evaluate room service post go-live to ensure your benefits are realised and sustained













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