Tertiary Education Security

CBORD provides complete integrated security management systems that include access and privilege control, identity management, and integrated video capabilities. They support emergency lock down from anywhere based on rules you define, real-time monitoring, and control of doors and privileges. When students and parents see that you’ve invested in a modern, leading-edge integrated security system, they feel protected.

CS Access™ is CBORD’s IP-based door access control technology tailored specifically for tertiary education. Its powerful privilege management allows colleges and universities to track and configure door access 24/7, and even tie the software to integrated alarms management, surveillance, and notification solutions for a fully integrated campus security system. Because security personnel are rarely found behind their desks, staff can remotely manage access assignments and more via mobile devices and the Internet.

CS Access easily accommodates dozens of building administrators’ planning schedules at thousands of locations, for tens of thousands of users. CBORD’s extensive experience with access control and security helps provide a state-of-the art access control solution that goes well beyond the process of unlocking doors.

Avail™ is a hosted access control solution, which makes it easy to implement, manage, and expand. Accessible from any web browser, Avail is a cloud-based access control system designed to improve campus security with minimal resources required. It harnesses the power of CS Access and delivers it in a hosted package ideal for small to medium campuses.

Whether they are controlling parking gates, turnstiles, elevators, or any other access point, your students move throughout the campus with ease and confidence using a system of intelligent controls that are flexible and forward-thinking. CBORD solutions include ID card printing, photo capture, eligibility verification, and access control, all in a secure data environment, and all available from a smartphone.