What is CBORD Consulting? How does it differ from other consultants?

Meet Carmel Lazarus and Kirsty Maunder who bring their unique experience and expertise to guide your healthcare food services and nutrition teams to deliver innovative and evidence-based solutions.


CBORD Consulting comprises dietetic, foodservice and IT professionals with strategic, operational and research experience in public, private, and not-for-profit health, and aged care organisations. We’ve been working with customers since 1994 to deliver successful, innovative, and sustainable healthcare solutions, streamlining systems across organisations, whilst maintaining site flexibility and uniqueness.

What made you pursue a career in dietetics?

Carmel Lazarus (CL): Working in my parent’s pharmacy provided insight into living with debilitating chronic disease.  Recognition of the impact of nutrition in chronic disease management, being part of the local health community supporting customers in a very disadvantaged area piqued my interest for a career in nutrition, health, and science.

Kirsty Maunder (KM): Health and nutrition were an integral part of my family life growing up, perhaps due to our involvement in sport, particularly gymnastics. With a nurtured interest in nutrition, a curiosity for science and a passion to help others, dietetics became my chosen path.

What experiences led you to where you are now?

CL: While completing my university studies, I was part of the food services team at a group of aged care homes where I enjoyed engaging with residents – observing firsthand the positive impact good food, targeted nutrition and human connection plays in supporting well-being.

Menu policy in hospitals was based on the Australian dietary guidelines which didn’t seem to reflect the increased nutritional needs of inpatients I was caring for. Here the power of data came into play, facilitating a shift in menu design principles, dietetic resourcing and practice. During this time, I realised I could have a wider impact on policy and practice in food services and was fortunate to develop a great team which set about challenging and changing the systems to benefit the patient experience.

KM: It has been an interesting, varied, and unique path. Health informatics was not a known term when I graduated, let alone a career option. Over 20+ years my experience has been across a variety of clinical and food services; allied health clinical pathways; software implementations and management; quality management; research; lecturing; and consulting roles, ultimately revealing my passion for ongoing education, patient-engagement, evidence-based practice and improving outcomes. Embarking on a PhD in nutrition informatics solidified my belief technology is critical to achieving this, but also revealed the complexity of technology development, and the lack of understanding by end users of the importance of user-centred design and the selection of technology that supports their processes.

Tell us about the work you do?

CL & KM: We partner with healthcare organisations in the review and design of their food and nutrition service models, supporting change and providing subject and project matter expertise. It may involve service planning for new hospitals or new builds and be as complex as scoping and designing a room service model or as varied as building new business processes, menus, and staffing model to support new service. We also work with the clinical side, in particular malnutrition management and nutrition workflow.


What’s in store next for both of you?

CL: Leverage the great results observed in our partnerships with the private, not for profit and public healthcare sectors to continue to push the envelope innovating and enhancing food service systems to deliver exceptional  patient experience, generate revenue and promote sustainability – ensuring we continue to measure performance, providing research evidence to support others wanting to transition their services.

KM: Building a better understanding across our customers of what data analytics has to offer. The right technology and processes can deliver improved efficiency, safety, and quality. However, leveraging the data that systems generate, enables practice transformation. Are we really achieving what we think? Can we be doing better and how?

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Carmel Lazarus, APD GradDipBA

Carmel Lazarus, APD GradDipBA


Carmel is an experienced executive with strategic, operational and project management expertise, managing food, dietetic and allied health teams across the healthcare sector, consulting to aged care, community and industry groups and lecturing at The University of Sydney. She has post graduate qualifications in business administration and nutrition and dietetics. Carmel is a Project Consultant for CBORD, partnering with customers to design effective food and nutrition models. Her interest lies in maximising good nutrition and patient experience through innovative food service systems. In her spare time she likes bike riding, travelling and supporting the Sydney Swans.

Kirsty Maunder, PhD AdvAPD FAIDH CHIA

Kirsty Maunder, PhD AdvAPD FAIDH CHIA


Dr. Kirsty Maunder is an Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian (AdvAPD), Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA), Fellow of the Australia Institute of Digital Health (FAIDH) and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the University of Wollongong. Kirsty has worked in nutrition informatics for the past 20 years and completed her PhD on leveraging technology to enhance patient care and dietitian eHealth readiness. She is an Implementation Consultant for CBORD, delivering implementation and consulting services to maximise customer return on investment and deliver improved organisational outcomes.












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